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Men’s Health

This is Men’s Health Month, but these tips work well throughout the year!  We love the men in our life so reach out to The Whole Food Health Coach, LLC for yourself or for the man in your life where together we can focus on optimizing men’s health and wellness.

Celebrating Womanhood

I believe in the amazing young women seriously investing a high level of energy into their current choices to accomplish their future dreams. Owning their lives with confidence and courage to be the women they were created to be without apprehension or fear.  Standing in their own beautiful skin, proud of who they are, and loving their life.  I celebrate you!

Flossie Fitness: Exercise the Old Fashion Way

I encourage what I call “Flossie Fit-ness” (Fitness the Old Fashion way).  Exercise is very important to your health.  I believe that fitness is less about what you do in the gym for 60 minutes, and more about what you do all day, every day.  Most of our grandparents and great-grandparents didn’t suffer from the 80% of preventable diseases that we suffer from today.  Maybe it is because they didn’t pay people to mow their lawns, clean their houses, or wash their cars, or pick up their push mower (WWGFD).

Try Flossie Fitness!  Clean your own house.  Mop your own floor.  Vacuum your own carpets. Move your own furniture.  Mow your own lawn.  Pull your own weeds.  Wash your own car. Walk your own dog.  Garden. Cook your own food.  Walk, Run, Climb, Row, and Lift heavy things.  And if it helps you, just ask yourself, What would Grandma Flossie do?

Simple Pan Pizza

Simple Pan Pizza

Ingredients: • Ground Turkey (or Chicken Breast chunks, Ground Bison) • Toppings – Onion, Celery, Red Bell Peppers, Org. Mushrooms, Roma Tomatoes or tomatillos, Broccoli, etc. • Org. Pizza Sauce (or homemade) • Org. Mozzarella cheese • Spelt Tortilla or Flat Out!...
Stephanie’s Salmon Salad

Stephanie’s Salmon Salad

Here’s another way to get some great salmon into you or your children’s diet. It is yummy, healthy goodness for your taste buds and your body fuel! Ingredients: 2 Tbs. Honey Mustard 2 Tbs. Plain Yogurt 1 6oz. Can 365 Everyday Value Alaskan Wild Salmon 1 red bell...