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Walk and Talk 4-Session Package with Stephanie Wolfe, NBC-HWC

Walk and Talk your way to health and wellness.  We walk. And we talk.  We meet at the E Center in Sugar Hill for a 60-minute session designed to combine the physical and emotional aspects of coaching all in one remarkable hour. 4-session package for $80!



Give the gift of health to those you love and it will be something that will be well received, enthusiastically used and sincerely appreciated!  ME! Their very own National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach! They have health and wellness goals, let me help them reach those goals.

Physician Referral – Healthy Living Assessment and Agenda Mapping Session

A referral from a physician is required for this special offer.  This 60-minute individual Healthy Living Assessment is the starting point for working together to reach your health and wellness goals! Our health is the most valuable asset we possess, and is easily ignored, abused, overlooked, or underserved.  You are wise to take a look […]


Raising Healthy Kids Class

Raising Healthy Kids is a 1-hour virtual workshop designed to support the invaluable role of a parent in the life of their child and their child's wellness. Live instruction, creative presentation, and valuable conversation to build a healthy culture around how we LIVE, MOVE, THINK and EAT.