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Coaching Client On Healthy ShoppingBill is The Whole Food Health Coach client in the Spotlight. He is the single most dedicated, strong, focused man I have ever had the pleasure of coaching. His precious wife is by his side at all our sessions. Bill is determined to lose the 100lbs., and save his life. He is working out faithfully and he is following a heart-healthy regimen of tasty, nutritious quality foods to support his health and fitness goals. Bill began Phase 1 with a Smart Shopping Trip (photos) and 6 sessions to train his body and will soon begin Phase 2. I love our weekly sessions because Bill has a terrific sense of humor and I know he will make me laugh! Also, I know he has been working hard on his Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition all week.

Bill Coach ClientBill is all in! That is what it takes to make the changes he desires to make, and enjoy the rewards for the rest of his life. He is eating more food than he thought he should eat, and his body is rewarding him with a loss of 45lbs. so far! He is half way there, and feeling stronger every day. He says that one of the things he is learning from me is to treat his body like he would treat a new $300,000 Lamborghini and stop treating it like an old Ford F150 with 300,000 miles on it. His life is changing from the inside out. I have no doubt that Bill is going to live long and strong! Bill will make it all the way and I am proud to be the “Coach in his Corner!”

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Health Coach Client

“I am so glad I’ve met Stephanie. Working with her has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. There is so much confusing, and conflicting nutrition information out there today, but the things Stephanie teaches make it simpler, they make sense, and they work! She has changed how I see food. I now look at it as nourishing fuel for my body and mind. In the few weeks we’ve been working together, I’ve lost weight, my clothes fit better, I have more energy throughout the day, I sleep better, and I’m calmer and more focused. She is also a lovely person. It’s been such a pleasure to work through this process with her. Oh, and the recipes she shares are awesome! My whole family is enjoying them, and improving their health along the way! I highly recommend this experience with Stephanie!”

Mary Ellen

Busy Executive and Mother

I started seeing Stephanie a couple of months ago and did the 7 weeks L.E.A.N. course with her. She was absolutely wonderful to work with. Not only is she very knowledgeable, she also has great examples that make it very easy to understand nutrition and more important very easy to apply (Fuel your body constantly, thanks for that :-)). There is so much (mis)information out there and it is just incredible helpful to have someone to put it into perspective. Despite my expectations that I would have to put more effort into my nutrition, Stephanie has actually made my life so much less complex. Once you realize what your body needs and that it is more about the quality of your food, it is much easier to follow a healthy routine and you do not have to be concerned about low-carb or low-fat all the time. Throughout our process (and even after!), she was always accessible, answered all of my very many questions almost in seconds. Even when being in the supermarket not knowing which option to buy (there is always a good, better best :-)), she helped me out. Stephanie has made such a huge difference in my life. I enjoy eating again without being concerned about it all the time. I feel wonderful and so much better every day. Even my fiancé is part of the transformation, he now asks for “brainy breakfasts”, kale chips as snacks and quinoa power bowls for dinner. Food he didn’t even know existed before 🙂


Leadership Development Consultant

We have been working together for maybe a week or so, and we went shopping on Monday. Last night, Tuesday, I made your 3-2-1 salmon recipe for my family of 3 young girls and hubby. None, of which, have ever had salmon they liked! My girls were very scared and my hubby said he would at least try it…for the sake of the girls! Well, to ALL of our surprise, we all LOVED IT! The recipe was so easy, as are all that we have made so far, and we are having a great time learning and exploring new foods. Avery, my oldest, referred to you as the Chopped show saying you were coming up with all healthy baskets and it’s our job to make the yummy food! My 2 year old ate salad for the first time ever, and we all love the goat cheese, crackers, and honey! My hubby is eating avocado, with the peach salsa….something he’s never done before despite being Hispanic! Our girls cheer every night around dinner time…”THANK YOU MISS STEPHANIE!!” and we are only beginning!!! My biggest challenge….SUGAR….has officially been conquered. Today was iced coffee with ONLY Stevia Extract for sweetener. That was my defining moment! We can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us, including more homework!!! 🙂 Thank you from the bottom of my heart for changing our lives and helping this advertiser’s dream family transition into healthy eaters!!!!

Crystal and the Happy Family!

Stephanie, I want to say thank you for showing me a whole new way of looking at nutrition and eating healthy that tastes fabulous! These learning sessions have been valuable to my weight loss journey and glad you make them interesting as well as fun.

Stephanie S

Single HCM Professional trying to simplify my life by living healthy and staying fit.

After attending the LEAN Essentials class I became more aware of the nutritional importance of fiber and protein in my diet. I had always heard those were important elements to a balanced diet, but I did not have the knowledge of how much or what formula to use. Stephanie’s class helped me become more informed of how to read labels and choose items that lessen sugar intake and increase fiber and protein. She also provided a strategy for meal preparation that helped ensure each meal is properly balanced. I think the LEAN Essentials class is a good way to jumpstart changes to one’s mindset about healthier eating.


When we began our journey with Stephanie I was skeptical towards the investment. However, I worked out regularly but I was frustrated by the improvement in both my weight and my personal lab results. So I knew I had to do something different. We met with Stephanie and I knew then that I was going to learn what I needed to in order to make “life changes”, not just my weight. So for the next eight weeks we (my wife and I) were diligent about following Stephanie’s coaching and the results have been well worth it. We have lost weight, we do feel better and most important, we now understand what we need to do for the long-term, not just these eight weeks. Thank you Stephanie. I’ve shared my experience with many others.


Stephanie has been a wonderful health coach who truly loves what she does. Eight weeks ago my husband and I began our “Clean eating” journey and we learned so much more than we thought. Of course, you think you know it all and that you are doing the right things, NOT! Stephanie’s guidance and training has changed our lives, combined, we lost over 30 lbs, we feel great and have more energy. We are now on our way to a healthier “US”! Thank you Stephanie!!


Cancer Survivor