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Nutrition Essentials Class with Rachel Souza, CHC

Nutrition Essentials is a fast-pace class, full of fun and all of the essential information to give you a jump start your health goals by teaching you the basics of nutrition for prevention and optimal health. We cover Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition. 


Man Up! There’s Never Been a Better Time.

Man Up! There's never been a better time to care about your physical, emotional, mental health and wellness.  Let's do this! Men’s Health & Wellness Physical Nutritional Emotional Mental Behavioral Social Professional Spiritual Here's to your Happiest Healthiest Self in the New Year! Class Registration Price: $25.00

Healthy Special Occasion Foods

Healthy Special Occasion Foods Many people allow holiday foods to sabotage their health goals because they think the two do not play well together.  Many believe that they will miss out on the goodies if they eat healthy, especially during the biggest “goodie days” of the year. Special Occasion Foods: Learn about “Special Occasion Foods” […]


Top 10 Tips for Healthy Holidays

Top 10 Tips for Healthy Holidays Top 10 Tips for Healthy Holidays - Relieving stress any time of the year is worth the effort. But during the holidays, with the extra rush, hurry, and expectations, reducing stress is even more important.  Not to mention the physical challenges and extra nutritional support needed during the winter […]