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Celebrating Womanhood by Stephanie Wolfe

Women, my favorite topic!  Today I celebrate the glory of womanhood.  I love being a woman!  I love our curves, our clothes, and our common sense (sorry guys, but you know it’s true, just watch America’s Funniest Videos)!  I love that I love rom-coms and romance novels, flowers, and first kisses!  I love being married to the man of my dreams, and still feeling chosen, loved, and desired by my husband of 48 years.

I love that we can grow a human being in our womb and feed it for months with our own body!  Nothing in this life is more miraculous, or rewarding, and I have been privileged to experience it twice!  Jeremy and Chad, one more expected than the other, but both loved equally and abundantly.

I love womanhood and all things woman so much that have written a number of books and resources on the topic, including Mentoring Women for John C. Maxwell when I worked for his company here in Atlanta, Georgia.  I would take groups of 10 women each year “under my wing” for 12 months of encouraging, challenging, inspiring, and celebrating women of all ages, all backgrounds, and all the beautiful colors of humanity. What a gift it has been to invest in women around the globe.  At the end of each year, we came together in an annual women’s conference for fantastic fun, skits, dancing, food, and fruitful female fellowship! The gathering grew to hundreds of beautiful women as others around the country had purchased the Mentoring Women curriculum, holding their own groups throughout the year, and attending annually with us!  These memories still make me smile!

No offense to men, and as many would agree, we women are the backbone of the family, the queens of the hive or ant hill!  We are the beauty to the beast, and the princesses of the castle. No doubt, you’ve heard the line from the largely forgotten poem by William Ross Wallace, “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.” Men do some cradle-rocking too, but I’m just saying, Yay, women!

Mentoring is a profound calling on my life, and one that I take very seriously. So much, that I expanded my celebration of women by creating a complimentary resource, a 9-month curriculum (like pregnancy) called Mentoring Young Women (both soon to be in print).

I believe in the amazing young women seriously investing a high level of energy into their current choices to accomplish their future dreams. Owning their lives with confidence and courage to be the women they were created to be without apprehension or fear.  Standing in their own beautiful skin, proud of who they are, and loving their life.  I celebrate you!

Women, hear me when I say, these young women will need our support and guidance, but most of all they need our belief in them as they take ownership of their lives and follow their dreams. They will need our example of loving life, embracing our womanly ways, and living well, owning our health and wellness.

When we own something – We protect it, care for it, maintain it, and defend it when necessary.  Young women will need to learn to own their lives with their future in mind, not just this moment in time, and understand the consequences, as they learn to make wise choices; to build their own bright future.

When we build something – We count the cost, invest in it, devoting time, attention, and resources to it.  Young Women will need to see potential in their lives to invest the positive energy needed to build well!  You cannot build it for them, but you can help build.

When we love something – We honor its intended value and appreciate it for all its worth.   Young women who love themselves, love their future lives and the goals they set for themselves. They are sincerely invested in who they are becoming.  They are engaged in today’s choices, knowing that today’s choices become tomorrow’s life and ultimately their future self.

Young women are opening their hearts, minds, and spirits to live inspired and motivated lives!  Honoring and holding life in high regard, for the value and treasure it truly is.

Live your beautiful self and celebrate your unique woman-ness.

Courageously value your potential and live into your bright future.

Stand strong when your standards are tested.

Say yes to the adventure!

There are many wise women of all ages who are learning the value of their womanhood.  They are taking the time to understand and discern truth, devoting their lives to comprehend the potential within.  They are honoring their responsibility, aware of their potential, and proud of their womanhood.  I am one of those women.

I celebrate womanhood today, this month, this year, and forever. Celebrate with me!

Stephanie Wolfe, NBC-HWC