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The Whole Food Health Coach Voted Best of Gwinnett

The Whole Food Health Coach was voted among the Best of Gwinnett for 2018. Surprised?  No one was more surprised than I was!  If I had won for the most passionate, I would have said, “Yes, you nailed it!  That is totally me!” I believe passion and client-care go hand in hand.  In fact, maybe passion has the upper hand, and I have that is spades!  Thank you for the “vote” of confidence in what I do, and what I do is love people, and love to inspire and educate my clients towards their healthiest self.  So if there’s an award for that, I’ll proudly take it.

The Whole Food Health Coach, LLC officially began on January 1, 2015, but my love for healthy, life-giving foods began in 1999 with my second bout with cancer.  I wish I could say my love for life-giving foods and healthy lifestyle choices began after my first diagnosis, but I wasn’t that smart!  I didn’t see the connection between nutrition and health.  I didn’t know the things I didn’t know, but in March of 1999, when the oncologist told me the news, I decided to learn the things I needed to learn.  I followed the information with the passionate application of the knowledge I continue to gain, and it is my desire to help others to do the same.  Here I am now 20 years clean, thanks to the choices I made for “treatment” and the life choices that followed.

The Whole Food Health Coach voted Best of Gwinnett and nominated in two categories: 1) Weight loss and Metabolism and 2) Diabetes and Endocrine System.

Weight loss and Metabolism: It’s true, I am good at educating and inspiring my clients to lower all numbers (blood sugars, blood pressure, cholesterol, and scale). However, ask anyone who knows me, has individually coached with me, attended one of my workshops or corporate events, and they will have heard me say, “Focus HEALTH, not Weight!”  A healthy body won’t collect dangerous extra fat. That said, my clients don’t lose weight, they lose fat and there’s a distinct difference.  One protects your health and your future, the other hurts your health and your future.  (Don’t get me started!)

Diabetes and Endocrine System: Now this one is exciting! I love the body systems.  We are uniquely and wonderfully created.  Our bodies are a work of art unlike any other.  Complex. Detailed. Intricate.  The body is one amazing unit, with several systems, and each system has several organs and responsibility to the body as a whole.  You can’t do one thing without affecting the others in some way. (Just stub your toe!)  Anyway, I love sharing about the body systems and how best to fuel them!  Your body will thank you in a number of ways.

Thank you for voting for The Whole Food Health Coach as Best of Gwinnett. I will continue to work to earn your trust and respect with all the passion within me.