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The Blame Game – No thank you.

The Coronavirus is taking over – not just our world, or our country, but our minds and our mouths. 

Mouths, or at least fingertips as disgruntled folks tap out their criticism on keyboards for distribution to their favorite social media channels.  Many posts placing “blame” on this person or that person, or this organization or that organization, or this leader, or that leader.  Whose fault is the pandemic?  Wow, I wouldn’t know how anyone could answer that question, because it is a virus!  That’s like saying, whose fault was it that I got cancer, or whose fault was it that I got it two times (20 years ago).  Wow, I know I couldn’t answer that question, so I don’t ask it, and I don’t try to blame it on anyone.

I am a person who believes that we bring a good bit of suffering on ourselves, so I am big on prevention, but there are just some things that we are not able to prevent, or understand.  All I can do is take care of what I know I should take care of.  ME, MY attitude, MY choices, MY life.

Just say no!  Refuse to play the blame game, alone or with others who insist on playing it.

Yes, it is bad.  Yes, it is sad.  Yes, the numbers are staggering. But no matter who would be in the positions being criticized, it would still be bad, it would still be sad, and the numbers would still be staggering!  Even if it was you, or me!  They are working day and night trying to come up with answers.  So, don’t look for someone to blame.  The blame game is no fun to play, is usually played alone, unless the one wanting to play has other selfish, ungrateful, and disrespectful people around them who know and play the game as well.  If not, chances are the blame game is played alone, and like a one-man-band, the player looks ridiculous and it won’t be anything anyone wants to hear.  I don’t want to play this game!  It helps no one.

There is no conspiracy; no deliberate scheme in our country to withhold information from you that could save your life.

They are doing the best they can with the information they are getting daily, and the information is changing . . . daily, so their message to us is changing to keep us updated on the details they are learning. The daily briefings are daily, transparent, the flow of information from them to us all to keep us up-to-date on what they know and what they do not know.  They have been extremely forthcoming with what they do not know and daily they answer media questions that only GOD would be able to answer like, “So, how long with this last?”  or “Who will get the virus?”  “How many do you think will die of the coronavirus?”  That way, if you are wrong in your estimation, we can blame you and call you a liar!  REALLY? These are people, just like you and me . . . humans!  These leaders are all someone’s mom, sister, daughter, or someone’s dad, brother, son . . . best friend, neighbor, co-worker . . . and they are not evil, they are good people, doing a good job, in a very difficult time, under very complicated circumstances, and in my opinion, extremely underappreciated.  

Complaining, criticizing, griping, and posting negative things about other human beings is a virus in and of itself.  Stop it!

Be grateful you are not a scientist on the front line working with the virus every day to learn about and understand its complicated and diabolical evil ways. Be grateful you are not The President carrying the weight of the country you love, balancing people’s financial future and their health – both need to be considered and we wouldn’t have it any other way, would we?  But I’m sure this is a “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation for him.  Do yourself, your family, and your country some good. Stop griping, stop looking for the wrong someone is doing, and by all means, please stop posting about it.  That is a virus in and of itself. 

Pray for our president, our leaders, our first responders, the scientists, and medical professionals daily after each briefing. Say “thank you” every (social media) chance you get.  We all do the best that we can – in any given situation – with the information we have at the time. Let’s give each other a break!  

This virus is, in a sense, “taking over” but much of what it “takes” from us will be up to us.

Don’t let the virus take over – your mind or your mouth.  Don’t let it take your common sense.  Don’t let it take your compassion.  Don’t let it take your humanity. Don’t let it take your self-respect or your own self-awareness.  And by all means, do not let it take your personal responsibility.

Take back your personal responsibility.  You do you!  Own your choices.  Own your healthcare.
Practice self-care:  TODAY’S 12 STEP PROGRAM

1) 30-50 minutes of simple daily fitness, 2) eat real, farm-grown, homemade food, 3) hit the pause button on your stress by deep breathing with statements of gratitude, 4) continue social distancing, 5) wash your hands, and 6) stay at home. 7) Do some much-needed work around the house, do spring cleaning, 8) donate your unused household goods to local cooperative ministries, 9) donate $ directly to someone in need, or to an amazing organization like Samaritan’s Purse (medical tents in Central Park). 10) Go outside and play with your kids, fly a kite, chalk it up and play hop-scotch, play catch with your dog. 11) Call a family member or friend and catch up. 12) Write something positive and thankful for social media channels!

Life is too short to spend it freaked out, selfishly grumbling about WHY someone didn’t do what you thought they should do, or do sooner, or not do it or . . .