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holy crapThis weekend I had a dialog about taking a flu shot via text with a client. I thought I’d use it as my blog for you all to see our comments.

Client: Good morning. My doctor says I need a flu shot. Do you recommend getting them or no?

Coach: I do not take a flu shot.

Client: Any scenario where someone should you can think of?

Coach: I’m sorry to have taken so long to answer, I just hesitate sharing because you haven’t known me long enough to know my stand against chemicals and pharmaceuticals and the doctors who push them.

But my answer would be the only scenario I can think of would be hospital workers, doctors, or teachers, but even then I’d only take it IF they told me I’d lose my job if I didn’t, and only then IF I really, really, loved my job, and only then IF God spoke to me audibly. ?

Client: Thx I didn’t take it even though my doctor said I should. I told him about you and your stance on things and he told me a story of a 90 pound women who is fit, eats right and runs marathons but has diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol. He said if she didn’t take drugs she would die sooner than she should and the problem he said was genetics and that you can’t do anything about genetics other than use drugs to combat them.

Coach: You need a new doctor.

Client: That puts me in a tough spot.

Coach: Research for yourself. Ultimately it is up to you and your overall life plan. You asked, so I gave you my opinion and what I believe based on nutrition research and what I would do.

If you’re fighting a disease and have been told what you eat doesn’t matter, you have been told a lie. (A 2010 study found only 26 medical schools required a dedicated nutrition course for medical students. They spend years learning about drugs, and only 2 weeks on any kind of nutrition training, and even that is voluntary.)

(And then I sent him my best research on the topic)

Here’s my answer to the flu and cold season health questions.

1. Build your own defenses! Do not use artificial means to build those defenses or you will pay for it in the long run. A strong and healthy immune system is a safeguard against colds and flu as well as many other diseases.
2. Do not let media and pharmaceutical companies tell you that you need a cold or flu shot! There are only a few vaccinations that are worthy of the risk, and this is not one of them!
3. Keep your immune system strong and in fighting shape and it will do what it was created to do for you. Plus, it will take you farther in your health defenses than the simple cold or flu from this one season.
a. Get at least seven hours of sleep per night that is going to make you less likely to get sick compared to sleeping only five or six hours.
b. 40 minutes of moderately intense daily exercise, like a brisk walk, can cut your risk of cold and flu in half!
c. Take Juice Plus orchard, garden, and vineyard blend in chewables or capsules. They are packed with vitamin C from the REAL source, not an isolated source. This will give you extra immune boosting produce all year round! This real food is farm-grown, pesticide and herbicide free and full of anti-inflammatory, and immune boosting fruits, vegetables, and berries. I do this, and have done it for 7 years, and even as clean as I eat, I still feel it is necessary. If I get sick, (rare, but it has happened once in seven years) it is very short-lived and doesn’t take me out for days at a time like it does some folks.
d. 32% of us are much less likely to catch a cold or flu if you give and receive hugs frequently, thanks to the stress-busting effect. (wash your hands, often, and no kissing!)
e. Be smart! Every bite you put in your mouth will either make you weak, sick, and dumb, or strong, healthy, and smart! You choose! Or just go get a shot and take your chances.

The flu shot is a money-maker for pharmaceutical companies, and they love the hours they spend developing the vaccine each year. The formula gets develop months ahead of the flu season, and is based on predictions of which strain of the flu virus will be circulating. It is their best guess. Some years, predictions are more correct than others, and even then it is no perfect solution, like the pharmaceutical companies want you to believe.

All flu will last 3-10 days depending on your immune system. Stronger, less longevity, weaker, plan on 10 days!

The first day you’re exposed, the virus enters via your nose, throat, eyes, or mouth, and travels to your upper respiratory tract and chest.

Day two through six your immune system mounts an attack, resulting in swollen blood vessels as well as mucus production that causes all those lovely symptoms like nasal congestion, sinus pain, runny nose, coughing.

You’re the most contagious days 2-3. To help ease the congestion, try using a Netty pot. Do not snort chemicals! Drink lots of water to thin mucus membranes, and rinse your body.

Days seven through 10 (if you’re still feeling effects) you should be feeling better now and your immune system to that particular virus has kicked in, and you are building up your own defenses – which believe me, you want to do! Sadly, there are still 200 more that you could catch, so don’t let your guard down and maintain your immune strengthening process.

You can and should do this without the help of pharmaceutical company’s nasty concoctions.
Flu is not fun, but it is a necessary part of the building your immune system. Most folks living on the Standard American Diet (SAD) and chemical-care live with a completely compromised and nearly ineffective immune system, because of antibiotics, anti-microbial hand wash and sprays, and now add to that all the vaccines that they tell us our bodies needs!

We are weak, sick, and dumb, because of our pharmaceutical dependency. They love it! I don’t. (Can you tell?!)