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Family Health is on my mind today!

The health of Dads, Moms, boys, girls and even the family pet’s health is important to me!  The health and wellness of each and every family member and their nutrition education is the main reason that I do what I do and do it with a heart of passion!  Jack and I have been married for over 44 years.  We share a love for health, nutrition, and fitness. My husband is a handsome, fit, and strong 62-year-old man with 3 marathons, several half-marathons as well as many other races.  He works out daily using our workout room with weights, kettlebell, boxing and is an avid rider of his fat-tire bike.

We are proudly self-proclaimed “foodies” and really only eat at restaurants that have a real chef and menus that reflect fresh ingredients.  We enjoy great food but we prefer to cook them ourselves in our own kitchen!  We even offer couple’s cooking classes.  I made one of our favorite meals last night (photo). This is “My Crispy Cod” with sautéed kale, red onions, and lemons.  The side salad is colorful and full of fantastic anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories from the vibrant colorful produce (most from our Tower Garden)! We paired a fantastic Pinot Noir with it (another of our loves).

Our family is grown and on their own now, but they share a love for great foods, home-cooked meals, and fitness routines as well.  Our youngest son (pictured here with his bike) has biked 150 miles for MS two years in a row.  He will turn 40 on August 12th and for his birthday he wanted to participate in his 2nd Half Iron Man competition.  We are all traveling to see him compete and celebrate his entrance to the 40s!  His daughters (12 and 9) ride bikes alongside him as he runs (almost daily) so they are fitness-focused as well and enjoy being active.  Our oldest son and family are active tennis, basketball players and love the family dinners sharing time with each other and make it a priority.

Family Health depends on the leaders of the family.  Kids follow the examples set for them.  Usually, they love what parents love and hate what parents hate.  Parents lay the foundation for their future with the choices they make . . . first for ourselves, and then the choices we make for them.  It is our job to point them in the right direction, and nowhere is it more important than the area of nutrition and fitness.  Remember, no one responds well to this statement: “Do as I say, not as I do.”  Lead your family to health by leading by example.  The rewards are endless!  Take advantage of my online coaching! I’m here to assist with you, and your Family Health! Email The Whole Food Health Coach at stephanie@wholefoodhealthcoach.com to get more information.