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The benefits of eating healthy far outweigh the cost of eating healthy. 

If you have ever said or heard someone say, “Healthy eating is too expensive!” or “I can’t afford to eat organic.” Well, I bet you don’t hear it as much as I do!  However, I LOVE to hear this! I remember feeling the same way when I was trying to figure out how I might be able to afford to eat healthy until I took a look at what I was spending my hard-earned money on each week. 
• Trips to Starbucks for our fancy coffees (But, I have meetings there!)
• Gum and Mints to munch on (For my breath I told myself.)
• Quick fix pre-packed foods (I wasn’t much of a cook 19 years ago when I began this journey)
• Veggies and fruit cut up and prepackaged (It was more convenient than cutting it myself.)
• Trips through the drive-thru while on the road (I didn’t prepare well, back in those days, so any food would do!)
• Dining out frequently (Date night,  after nothing in the house night, after family-fun night . . . )
Then I tried the following:
• Plan weekly menu (I don’t overbuy what I will not be using that week.)
• Make a weekly grocery list and stick to it (I don’t need to fill up the pantry with big-box store foods in boxes, bags, cans, and jars!)
• Consider what’s in season (It is freshest and least expensive!)
• Shop local farmer’s markets (It is usually healthier, fresh, least expensive, and you are supporting our dear, precious farmers!)  Just be sure you know where their farm is and that they are not buying from Walmart to sell at farmers markets – yes, this is happening.
• Read flyers, cut coupons (Remember, the thing called the newspaper? Whole Foods has coupons too!)
• Shop in bulk (Order online when possible – frozen fruits for smoothies, frozen veggies and wild caught salmon)
• Limit dining out for special occasions (And even then keep it healthy!  Make the “special” part the part where you aren’t doing the cooking, table setting, and clean up!)

• Become passionate about cooking at home (Especially if married, it is romantic!. In fact, my husband of 44 years and I teach a class right out of our home called KISS: Keep It Simple Sweetheart.  It is why we have been married 44 years!!!! The couple that cooks together, stays together! It does help if both love healthy foods, though!
• Package my own snacks and do the prep work rather than buying prepackaged snacks and pre-cut produce. (Yes, it is less convenient, but it is rewarding because it is so much better for you!  It is less expensive to buy whole produce and cut it yourself.  If you have kids, then a huge benefit is that you are teaching your children the value of great food at the same time.  I love teaching kids at my Healthy Kids Camps, where I can support your parents!
If two family members stopped at MacDonald’s and each picked up an Extra Value Meal with a Double Quarter Pounder, medium fry and medium soft drink it would cost about $14.00. This is just the monetary cost. The health cost was much higher. You’d be consuming over 1310 calories each per meal, over 67 grams of sugar, large amounts of sodium and artery-clogging, insulin-spiking, brain cell-damaging science-lab created food-like substance!
I could go to my local grocery store and for the same money buy a 5 pound all natural whole chicken and a couple bags of veggies, have a great home cooked meal that I could prepare with my husband!  Just think about the money you will save long-term on doctor visits, hospital stays, pharmacy drug bills, missed workdays because of sickness.  Practicing good eating and taking care of our body is not only inexpensive if you do it right, and with some forethought and planning, but it just could save your life if you start today!  You will feel better, look better, and live the life you were meant to live!
You compare:
1 bag of apples approx. $3.48 = 5 snack
1 bag of Doritos approx. $3.48 = 2-3 snacks (1 if binge-watching a new favorite sitcom – LOL)
“I can’t believe I ate an entire bag of apples last night watching T.V.,” said no one ever 😂😂!!
Don’t believe the lie that the cost of eating healthy outweigh the benefits of eating healthy.  I am living proof!  I’ll be 60 in a few months and I have been on the Whole Food Health Coach plan for 19 years now (after my second bout with cancer) and people say I look 40!  I thank them and add, I FEEL 40!  When they ask my secret, I tell them, Just Eat Real Food! (To be completely honest, then I say, Get a Board Certified Health Coach, like me!)