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Health Coaching by computer is not a new thing, but it is new to my practice.  I find it to be powerful for my clients who want my help but do not live near me or their lifestyle simple does not allow for a face to face weekly meeting.  I will be leading small groups for 7-weeks of “Nutritional Coaching and Mental Strength Training” where we will focus discussion and training on physical and mental nutrition and fitness! You can join a group of 6-8 clients for the synergy and savings, or choose my Individual Coaching Program for one-on-one coaching with me.

Do you want in?  Just email me!  Let’s Zoom together – no need to leave home.  For group coaching, simply be at your computer weekly at a specific time and we will spend 60 minutes together.  Each session will consist of 15 minutes connecting and reviewing our week, then I will teach a new topic for 30 minutes, with the final 15 minutes to clear up loose ends and set our new goals for the week.    We will write down our goals—long-term and short-term behavior-based goals—and follow up with each other from week to week. All you need is a notebook or journal for taking notes during the nutritional education, and to record your thoughts, feelings, actions, highs and lows from the week of application.

We will set new goals in the morning (as part of your health journey) to remind yourself of what you want to accomplish and how you will do it. Review them again in the evening to see how you did, what you did well, and where you might be able to improve.

Cost for the 7-week Group Coaching Program is $299pp and is conducted with a group of 6-8 people.

Cost for the 7-week Individual Coaching Program is $599pp and is conducted one-on-one.