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I believe in what I call a “good, better, best” approach to eating.  Let me explain.  We can’t ALWAYS make the perfect choice, but we can make the good, better, or “best” choice from the options available.  On a scale from 1 to 10, we may be able to make a 10 when we are at home but when we are away, we may be forced to make a 5 or 6! There are always choices, and just because you cannot make 10, you don’t just give in to the 2s or 3s!!  Does that make sense?

Good, better, best choices abound in the grocery stores also.  If we have filled our kitchen pantry and fridge with the best quality of food our money can buy, our choices will be more easily in the better or best categories!  However, if you bring home not-good, less-good, or only good food on the good, better, best spectrum, then your poor choices in the grocery store will most definitely lead to poor choices at home!

When we are in the home of a friend who may not share our beliefs, we will need to adjust, be thankful, and make the best choice available to us at the time.  However, just because you had to make a 6 or a 7 doesn’t mean you need to continue that plan the rest of the day!

We just returnedIMG_7901 from 7 days in Budapest, Hungary and our beloved leadership team enjoyed missional training in loving the world like Christ loves the world.  My spirit and soul were fed well for those 7 days, BUT my body . . . not so much!  The all-inclusive hotel where we all stayed was amazingly devoid of nutritious foods!  We did go into the city of Budapest twice and had fabulous Hungarian Goulash 2 times!  (I do not eat red meat in our country, if I can help it.) So I practiced the good, better, best principals that I preach and when I returned home I built up my pantry and fridge so that my choices could lead me back in the right direction quickly.

With my Individual Coaching Clients, my goal is to teach them the good, better, best approach that they can live on the rest of their lives.  Lifestyle changes, incremental steps, made over time, and build layer upon layer.  I do not expect them to know what I know, because I have been studying this topic for 18 years!  I have learned the same way that they will learn.  Phase One is a 7-week (7 hour) investment of time going over the foundation of health and nutrition.  Clean eating for 7 weeks, and then Phase 2 is 6 more weeks of in-depth education on the body and its systems.  The good, better, best approach to nutrition will affect your health in a good, better, best way.

If you are BAD, then please move to good.  If you are GOOD, then please move towards better.  If you are BETTER than most, then please continue move closer to BEST.  For the best results, you need to make the best choices.  I’m here if you need a good talking to!