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The Coach2coaches Business Reboot

January 2, 2019 - December 31, 2019


The Coach2coaches 10-Day Business Reboot 

Reboot anytime! Now is good.  How about now?      

The Coach2coaches 10-Day Business Reboot can be done any time!  Just pick your 10 days and your 10 minutes, then get to work on your 10 focus topics.

10 focused topics that will get you moving.  It is like having a partner for 10 days telling you what’s next.  If you are ready to go but don’t know where are you going or where to start. This is the best $29 you’ll spend this year.  If you seem to be spinning your wheels and need to get some traction, this is the $29 you will want to invest in your business. It’s time to turn your thoughts into action, and know what action!  We can do it together.

If you need specific answers to specific questions, you may need a 60-minute coaching session, but coaches often need the same answers to the same questions, so ask away!  One question per coach. Let’s address them in the cohort.

What can you accomplish in 10 days? 

10 days. Just ten consecutive, inspiration and activity-filled days!  Get the ball moving down the field and help you keep your focus on the goal.  I will address the one question I get from each and every coach I coach: How and Where Do I Get Clients?  Well, my fellow coaches, first things first.  Each day I intend to inspire and inform so you can make money and make a difference.  Each day will have at least one action step to be ready for a BUSINESS REBOOT.

Once registered you will be added to the FaceBook Secret Group for 10 days!  So do not dilly dally, because at the end of the 10th day you will be removed from the group.

January – December 

Price: $29.00