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The Coach2coach Individual Coaching Session

January 1 - December 14


Coach2coach Individual Coaching Sessions

If you are a coach seeking to begin, grow, or improve their coaching practice so they can meet the vast need for our services! Schedule your Coach2coach Individual Coaching Session with Stephanie for live education, inspiration, and support. 

Even health coaches need a health coach!

With these Coach2coach individual sessions, allow me to speak directly to your specific situation.  This can take place virtually or in-person (I live in Atlanta, GA).  These sessions are $99 for 60 minutes and are scheduled as-needed by you, the coach, OR save money by purchasing a 6-pack session bundle!

Certified in 2014, I began a full-time practice in January 2015. I became MCHC in April 2017 and went on to complete my training to earn the National Board Certification in October 2017. 

“I developed a winning system for one-on-one coaching clients interested in personal coaching.  My system is complete with an easy-to-follow path for working with clients, focusing on cultivating healthy choices in the areas of Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition.  Build your foundation of health promotion, disease prevention.

My Individual Coaching Program includes a Phase 1, 2, and 3 for the best client-coach journey towards health and wellness.  I have customized the PTH and both L.E.A.N. classes, as well as developed my own Healthy Kid’s Camps.  

During our time together in these paid segments, I can show you my client administration, coaching system, curriculum, creative ideas, promotion, marketing, and follow-up strategies.

Since my practice has benefited my clients, perhaps you can benefit from not needing to reinvent the wheel! You will at least have a starting place for customization!

Once you register, I will send you an email to set up your appointment.  You will then be sent a link to our Zoom session.  Simply log onto the Zoom platform using the link provided.  You can call in using your phone or log on using your computer for a face-to-face connection.  You may wish to email your questions, and we will cover as much ground as possible during our 60 live minutes together. 

There will be no recording made of these sessions.

REGISTER for 1 personal 60 minute session, or 6 personal 60-minute session for $499! (one free!)

$99 /60min  
$499 /6pack-60min