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Covid 19 (The Coronavirus) Don’t Be Stupid!  I hope this post doesn’t offend you, but I have been asked a number of times for my opinion on the coronavirus, so here it is.  I’m not calling you stupid (since most of my readers are are very, very wise).  This post may very well be my need to get this off my chest, but here goes. . . 

  • 90,000+ confirmed cases so far
  • 73 countries affected
  • Every continent (except Antarctica)
  • Death toll 3,115 so far
  • 3.4 percent – more than the annual flu

Fear hurts us all.   Wisdom helps us all!

  • Don’t be afraid.  Fear makes us all selfish and greedy.
  • Don’t be stupid, stupidity puts us all at risk.

Supreme example of Stupidity or Selfish Greed: Purell hand sanitizer – selling $84.99 2-pack!  Really, people?!  I don’t know which is more upsetting to me, the buyer or the seller!


  1. Hand sanitizers? Not as effective as soap, better than nothing, but not at all as beneficial.
  2. Proper HANDWASHING can remove 99% of bacteria IF DONE RIGHT
    1. 30 sec- sing happy birthday
    2. Between fingers, and get the fingernails (cut them shorter)
    3. Artificial nails carry tremendous amounts of bacteria
  3. Keep your hands away from your face. Eyes, nose, lips/mouth – gates/portals
  4. 😷masks are for those who are sick!  Not those who are well!  Masks will not protect you from getting sick!
  5. 😷masks are for the sick to stop spreading the virus. Stop buying them up!  Hospital staff needs them!
  6. A flu shot is a Crapshoot and often a waste of money (in my opinion) at any time, but it is not beneficial now against the coronavirus.
  7. Science has proven that the flu shot has shown only moderate efficacy against any virus – it is virus-specific. And if you just follow these guidelines all the time your rate of contracting the flu is THE SAME as those who get the flu shot.
  8. Not all flu or flu symptoms mean you have the virus.  Same symptoms as annual Flu. Spreads the same. Protection is the same.
  9. People (sadly) often die of the flu – not only the coronavirus.  Remember that any flu can be dangerous, especially to those with respiratory ailments and those with compromised health (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc.).
  10. Make it your goal to develop health and nutrition habits, and make every effort to choose well so that every body-system can do its best work to keep you well. (If you don’t know what those are, contact me!)
  11. Prevention is key. (see below)
  12. Be a good Human Being.  Care about more – than just yourself. 


  • Don’t be smug about this. It might be bigger than you think.  Better safe than sorry.
  • If you are sick stay home. (No one thinks more of you for “working while sick” in fact, quite the oppose.
  • If you cough, cough into your elbow.
  • You may be strong and can handle the virus 🦠 but many already battling a weakness will not.
  • Boost your immune system with vegetables, fruits, and berries.
  • Stop eating CRAP (Carbonated, Refined, Artificial, Processed) foods. These do your body no good, and often harm.
  • Vitamins in foods (vegetables) are helpful to the immune system. So-called “vitamins” in a bottle do not. (There is only 1 exception.)
  • If you smoke – stop! (for many reasons)
  • Most vulnerable are those with Respiratory illnesses or weakened immune function (Cancer patients, asthma, COPD, smokers)

Don’t be Stupid:

  • Don’t blame China.  (Stupid)
  • Don’t beat up an Asian – in the news this morning! (Stupid, Selfish, a Felony, and a very bad human)
  • Don’t blame, or stop buying Corona beer.  (Stupid, even though I don’t like beer!)
  • Don’t buy $85 Purell Sanitizer. (Stupid and/or selfish, depending on if you are the buyer or the seller!)
  • Don’t buy up all the surgical masks.  (Really, really Stupid)


  • Fear hurts us all.               Don’t be afraid, fear makes us selfish and greedy!
  • Wisdom helps us all!         Don’t be stupid, stupidity put us all at risk.

This ends today’s Board-Certified Health and Wellness views on this vital topic!