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Back from Portugal and up 7 pounds! How is this possible? I was shocked and feel like I need a good health coach to explain this phenomenon!  Well relax, I told myself. Mostly water, not fat. I didn’t gain 7 pounds of fat. Travel is hard on our bodies but even harder on those of us that only do major travel once a year. Our body systems are there to protect us and it makes decisions using the “input” it receives from us and the environment. I ate well, I drank too much Portuguese wine (wonderful and only 2,90 euro for an 8 oz pour!  Oh my, that’s just too good to pass up even for a Master Certified Health Coach! Come on now, no judging!).

Okay, so this morning’s scale: I “lost” 2 pounds over night! What? Another interesting phenom! Yep, it’s water. I’m back to my routine and clean eating so in 7-10 days I’ll be back to my normal weight. Not much harm done. Whew!